The Lady of the Waters

Book – What The Wind Knows
Author – Amy Harmon

Of all the enchanting stories ever written, the most fascinating are the ones without fairies in them. Isn’t it easier to believe in magic which is woven by love, passion, and trust? No spell is cast, but we are spellbound.

Amy weaves a similar sort of magic with her tale, set in the backdrop of the Irish Revolution. Every single word takes you back to 20th century Ireland imparting a feeling of being a part of history. Eoin, Anne, and Dr Smith (the main characters) make you believe in love and miracles, by their subtle sacrifices and extreme emotions.

I am not sure if I’d be giving a spoiler by saying that “What The Wind Knows” revolves around the Bootstrap Paradox, but the blurb does give away quite as much 😉 . Antithesis has been sprinkled as a garnish throughout the book, but you must read the entire book to savour this!

The only catch is the elaborate detailing of the Irish politics which was a bit theoretical to comprehend and too easy to ignore. However, history enthusiasts would welcome this with open arms, and others could skim through it (like I did).

The wind knows everyone’s secrets and Anne is about to let you in on hers.

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