What if the entire world was a poem, every river a verse, every mountain a metaphor and every moment a rhyme?

Welcome to Timelessly – a poet’s eye view of the world!

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shift your lens a bitaway from the clear centeran epiphany awaits you In response to A Photo A Week Challenge by Nancy Merrill – this week’s prompt is “Off-Center”

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Passing clouds

It’s been almost two years since I wrote a haiku! Just stumbled across Ron’s website in my Bookmarks and realised what a hiatus it has been since my last haiku. CA internship had literally taken over my entire brain I guess😂 . Much thanks to Safari for reminding me of my love for Haikus.

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the caged bird,couldn’t breathe,for it gasped and choked,while trodden beneath,its air snatched,by soulless souls.

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